Discount Metal Panels is a leading provider of metal roofing panels for commercial, residential and agricultural building projects.

All panels are a medium-duty roofing panel. Primed and painted panels have a galvanized substrate. Stock lengths are 10',12', and 14'. Custom lengths are available.

Color Chart

This color chart represents the colors usually available from our inventory.

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AG Panels

The AG Panel was designed to save customers money and the 29 gauge panel is 80 KSI strong; the panel width of 34" net coverage gives our customers the best bang for the buck. Available in Galanized and painted material.

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1/2” Corrugated Panels

One of our top sellers, these corrugated panels are popular choices for barns and farm out buildings, as well as for various commercial use. Standard width on these 28-20 gauge panels is 24” net coverage. Available in a galvanized or painted finish, or with an aged, rusted look preferred for some structures.

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7/8” Corrugated Panels

For those who prefer a deeper configuration, our 7/8” corrugated metal panels are 26-22 gauge and are available in either a galvanized or aged rusty appearance.

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16” Pan Deck

This versatile panel was originally developed for the gas station industry, and is now used on everything from portable classrooms to vehicle covers. Available from 24-20 gauge, and in both galvanized and painted form.

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PBR Panel

This is one of the most reliable and popular go-to panels for all pre-engineered steel buildings, walls and roofs. Both color and galvanized versionsb are available, in 26-22 gauge.

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Rib Deck Panel

Our rib deck panels are used in decking projects where concrete is poured into a rib deck mold. A long-span capacity also makes rib deck panels a popular selection for load bearing walls in mini-storage units and portable storage buildings.

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Clip Lock

Clip Lock is a non-structural panel with a hidden fastener system that allows for expansion and contraction. It is available in 22, 24, and 26 ga. have a 12" to 24" net coverage. They are finished with Fluoropolymer Kynar 500 in a variety of colors.

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Snap Lock

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast, the snap lock offers efficient and effective installation for home and office projects and for mansard roofs. Available in 26-24 gauge, both Zincalume finish and painted, our snap lock architectural panels come in 12’18” widths. The slotted mounting strip allows the panel to be held down by the fastener, but it has the flexibility to expand and contract with temperature changes.

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Uni II Panels

Uni II panels from Discount Metal Panels have already been used in more than 80,000 portable classrooms. One of the foundations of our metal roofing business, Uni II panels are 19.5” wide in 30-22 gauges. Available in galvanized or painted.

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Hat Channel

Hat Channel is a versatile construction material used most often as a substrate in roofing applications. Hat Channel comes in 16, 18 and 20 GA galvanized steel.

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Trim Parts

Whether it's corner trim, edge trim, eave trim, rake trim or zee trim, we have the parts you need to complete your construction project. All trim is offered in 10' length. Our trim parts line also includes counter flashing, valley flashing and pitch change flashing solutions.

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