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New Products

2nd Story Floor System | Building Framing System

This photo shows one of our buildings with a 2nd story floor system and building framing system.

14x40x12' RV Cover

This cover is designed for a 30# snow load-with extra sheeting on both sides of cover.

Desert Bonderized Siding Desert Bonderized Siding

Here are photos of several buildings that are designed to use 7/8 bonderized corrugated siding.

Flood Zone Building

This photo is our 20 widex50 longx10 hi building designed for flood areas in Northern California. This building was erected by the family who purchased the building.

New Fence New Fence New Fence

These photos show our 7/8 corrugated fence system and our shiplay verticle fencing.

Wall Light System Wall Light System

These two photos show our wall light system in lieu of roof sleylight panels. Because sleylight panels leak. Roof wall lights don’t.

One photo shows inside view of wall light system.

The other photo shows how the wall light blends in with the building siding.

So if you want free light inside your building we suggest our wall light system.