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  1. Decking

  2. Siding

  3. Refer to Metal Panels - Just about all Metal Panels can be used for siding

    Metal Building PBR
    Residence SnapLock
    Other Building PBR Corrugated

    We make all necessary panel trim for siding window and door openings.

  4. Fencing

  5. NOTE: All fence post set 24" in ground and back filled with cement.
  6. Structures

  7. Note: all buildings and covers are designed with a 20lb, LL/. 5 lb DL.
    Wind load C. 80 Mph. And local seismic conditions.
  8. Enclosed Building Information
  10. Metal Panels

  11. Structural Metals

  12. Roofing

  13. Portable Storage Building

  14. Interior Partitions: Available on 20' Units Only